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Do the price include delivery & setup?
Jump-P-Up will deliver, set-up and take down all the Inflatable  equipment for FREE in Deltona, DeBary and Orange City area. A trip fee of $20-$30 will apply to locations that are 10-20 miles from place of business.
For tables, chairs and any other no inflatable equipment $100.00 Minimum order and a trip fee of $30-$50 apply to do deliver.
What type of location is required for bounce houses & slides?
The area should be level: grass, concrete or asphalt. A grassy area is prefered to set up inflatable equipment.Please make sure that your yard area is clean, mowed and free of derbis... specially "doggie derbis", sticks and rocks. We reserved the right to cancel if the set up area does not meet these requirements. Because we may have other rentals scheduled for the same day, please be sure that there areas are addressed before we arrival. We will not wait around while these issues are addressed. Please turn off your sprinkler system before we arrive and for the duration of your party. Our Bounce Hauses are not made to be used wet. Bounce Houses (Jumpers) and slides are anchored in the ground. Stakes go into the ground approx. 12 inches. Be sure setup in not on top of electrical lines o pipes. Jump-P-Up will no be leable for any underground repair. Please advise us if you prefer equipment to be set-up on concrete or asphalt so we are prepared when we deliver.
Are your units clean?
Our inflatables units are cleaned with water and a disinfectant solution that is biodegradable and non-toxic after every rental.
How much space is needed for setup?
Bounce Houses (Jumpers) require 15 to 20 feet in length and 15 to 25 feet in height. Water Slides require 36 to 40 feet in length and 20 to 25 in height.
Do I have to sign a contract or waiver?
A waiver must be signed before any equipment is set-up. Adult supervision is mandatory while equipment is in use.
Is a deposit required to reserve a date?
20% deposit is required to reserve a Water Slide, 50% in orders more than $400, 50% in special orders like linen or tables and chairs. Please call for any cancellation ten days at least before the event date. Full payment is due upon arrival at event, before set-up in cash.
What is your rain or cancellation policy?
If there is high chance of all-day rain and you wish to cancel your reservation, please give 24 hour notice to cancel, an other cases ten days at least before the event date. If is cloudy and rain is possibility we can still set-up if you choose but no refund will be given once we set up. If you cancel the reservation with less than ten (10) days shall not be entitled to the return of your deposit. No deposit returns for special orders in linen (tablecloths, chair covers, sashes, table runners, overlays). Jump-P-Up reserves the right not to perform outdoor engagements when, in Jump-P-Up's judment, weather conditions would be detrimental to the equipment and/or safety concerns for lessee. This includes but is not limited to win, rain, or mud.
What are the rules of use?
No shoes, no clothing with buckles, zipers, or chains, no bubble gum, no food or drink on inflatable, only compatible age groups and size shall play in the inflatable unit at the same time. NO PETS. No climbing, hanging or pulling on the nets, sides, top, or back of the units. Do not move inflatable unit from the place it is originally installed. AT NO TIME SHOULD THE EQUIPMENT BE LEFT UNATTENDED.
Do I have to clean the equipment prior pick up?
Jump-P-Up will be responsible for all routine cleaning of inflatable and concession machines. If any major cleaning is required due to misuse (example gum or food on equipment) an extra $25-$100 will be charged.
What are the requirements for power and/or water?
Our inflatables Units plug into a standar 110 household outlet. We supply a 100 foot extension cord. Also water supply must be available for use with wet slides. If desired location is a park a generator could be necessary.
Is a generator included with an inflatable rental?
No, are rented separately. A blower is included to pump the inflatable, but if you will not have electrical power at set up location, you will rent a generator.
What is included in the concession rentals?
Popcorn machine, cotton candy machine and snow cone machine will come with supplies to serve 50 people. Ice for snow cone machine to be provided by renter.
Are you insured?
Yes, we have full liability insurance.